• Work the soil, plant winter wheat
  • Milk a Goat
  • Make butter
  • Card and spin wool
  • Grind wheat to make flour
  • Use the blacksmith’s tools
  • Feed farm animals
  • Help make a tool handle
  • Collect eggs and hold chicks
  • Pull a rock sled
  • Visit a Native American Village replica
  • Learn beekeeping

Families: $12 per person for a 2 hour tour.

Schools:  $12 per person with a minimum charge of $240 for 20 people or less.  School tours can extend to 4 hours in length.




Our pioneer ancestors were creative and resourceful. They were self-reliant, which meant that they had to do nearly everything for themselves. They had to possess the skills of a carpenter, stonemason, harness maker, veterinarian, farmer, logger, butcher, tailor, cook, hunter, nurse and doctor to succeed. Children were an integral part of the family work team and shouldered a great deal of responsibility.

Our program gives children the hands-on feel of a pioneer child’s way of life. Sunrock Farm programs are a fun way to learn. They convey abstract concepts through concrete activities that engage all of a child’s senses. Children gain a deep appreciation for human ingenuity, the fruits of hard work and frugal living, the strength of community, and the spirit of adventure. This program is especially appropriate for children in grades 2-6 and can be adapted for mixed age groups and home school families.

The Friends of Sunrock Farm Scholarship Fund provides partial funding to those schools which qualify. Please feel free to contact us at (859) 781-5502 for more information.

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