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Pioneer Tours

Currently taking reservations for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020.  The state proposed road repair has been postponed!

Our program touches on many aspects of pioneer living.  This requested tour can be presented any time of year.

$12 per person

Minimum charge of $240.00 for 20 or less.  

Scholarship funding may be available through The Friends of Sunrock Farm, More information here >


If you are interested in setting up a tour, please call us at (859) 781-5502

  • How did early pioneers and their animals survive without electricity and other conveniences we enjoy today? 

  • What were the jobs of the animals?

  • How did pioneers make food?



  • Understanding the where, when, why and how of planting

  • Plant and grind wheat

  • How were seeds and foods stored over the long winter?

  • How were tools made?

  • Demonstration of a blacksmith's forge

  • What is a shave horse?

  • Learn to use a drawknife.

  • Pull a rock sled.

  • Use a wash board to clean clothes.      

  • Card, weave and spin wool.

Chores and Tools

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